Web Services Etc offers the latest in web design and technology to create a full marketing plan meeting anyone’s budget.  We have formed a network with other professionals specializing in web and mobile web design, mobile apps, social media marketing, top web site placement, domain name registration, hosting, and designing specialized programs for our clients.  This gives us the ability to be a "full service" operation for our clients and a a vast advantage over other design and marketing companies.

What Can the Internet Do for Your Business?

Why is a Web Site Critical to Your Business?

A valid question before the evolution of the Web, but no longer. What do you think would have happened with the inventions of Alexander Graham Bell, Benjamin Franklin, or the Wright brothers if they had listened to the people stating their inventions would never be a reality, let alone affect the way we do business?  Let's see, that would mean no telephone, electricity or airplanes.   Today the Web is where the growth in communications, marketing, productivity, and information resides.  In addition, that growth is exponential!

If you want information on ANY subject, use the Web.  It's the most used entity to access information ever thought possible without leaving your chair. Even Encyclopedia Britannica has stopped printing books.  They have elected to use the Web exclusively to allow people to access its huge store of knowledge.

You want to buy or sell something; use the Web 24 hours a day seven days a week.  Shop for anything you can imagine at your convenience from the comfort of your home.  Search for horses, trainers, horse products, riding apparel, anything - it's on the Web!

Over 65% of the US households have Internet access, not to mention the rest of the world and this information is free to the viewer.  You can tell them a full story of your facility or business on a Web Site.

Features of Your Site


The cost of the site is dependent on your budget and needs.

Basic Package - $950.00

  1. Optimize your site for mobile devises
  2. A total of four pages

Search Engine Optimization

A.  Manual Article Submission
    • We manually post distribution to high rank article sites, with assorted anchor-text and description.
    • We submit your site to quality article sites.  (Most of them require us to make a unique account to consider you before submission.)
    • We’ll create unique email ids to suit your needs, register your account with every site, verify the e-mail, submit your site and finally supply you with the ease of access email account that we created to suit your needs.
    • No reciprocal links needed
    • Two unique links will be imbedded into the article
One-Time Posting and Writing Article Packages
Total # of Submissions Duration Price Article Submission
100 10 days $144.00 1 unique article
200 12 days $229.00 1 unique and variable articles
300 15 days $299.00> 1 unique and 2 variable articles
400 20 days $403.00 1 unique and 3 variable articles

500 40 days $529.00 1 unique and 3 variable articles

SEO Friendly
500a 45 days $805.00 5 unique articles
1000 80 days $1.380.00 10 unique articles
B.  Press Release
C.  Back Links
One Time Submission
# of Submissions # of Days` Price
100 5 $139.00
200 7 $259.00
300 9 $389.00
600 12 $589.00
750 14 $699.00
Multiple Submissions (Every 15 Days)
800 120 days $459.00
1300 130 days $749.00
2500 140 days $1,299.00
3500 150 1,699.00
5000 160 $2,199.00
 D.  Search Engine Submission (80 Quality Search Engines

If your website has not been listed on all the main search engines, then you ought to have them submitted to all the significant search engines like Google.  Don’t forget, a submission doesn’t make certain a listing does not guarantee a good ranking.  To be able to get listed it’s important to submit your site to a search engine.

Your website will be submitted to 80 key search engines, but not to a large number of free of charge sites.  In fact, submitting to these free web sites can increase your chances of being banned or penalized by search engines like Google.

Includes Google, Yahoo & Bing
Submission Duration Price
80+ 5 days $149.00
E.  DMOZ Directory Listing

DMOZ is easily the most respected online directory.  All Major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing provide a lot worth focusing on to websites getting links from DMOZ.  Inclusion in DMOZ can significantly improve your website ranking an internet-based visibility.

What we do for submission

# of Submissions Duration Pricing
1 7 days $249.00
F.  SEO Package One

Your company’s exposure and sales will increase over a 90 day period resulting in a greater visibility in searches from the web and third party sites that support creating link relevancy for your site.

This package includes:

G.  SEO Package Two
  1. SEO submissions with 10 unique titles and descriptions

    • 750 Submissions every 15 days for 3.5 months.
    • Create top quality back-links for the website. Submit your website to Search engine optimization friendly directory sites.
  2. Articles Submission

    • 500 Article Submission with 5 unique article creation for every 100 submission.
    • 100 Submissions every week for 1.5 months
  3. Social Bookmarking

    • 500 Social Bookmarking four times in 2 month
    • Produce quality back-links for the website and submit your website to search engine optimization friendly sites.
  4. DMOZ Submission

    • We research categories for your website.
    • We research and create titles for your website that are consistent with DMOZ guidelines*.
    • We research and create a description for your website that follows DMOZ guidelines.
    • We give you a screen shot of the submission done.
    *Please note this does not assure inclusion in DMOZ, although following all DMOZ guidelines will increase your chances of inclusion.
  5. 80+ Search Engine Submission (Including Google, Bing, Yahoo and Affiliates)

    • If your website has not been listed on all the main search engines, then you ought to have them submitted to all the significant search engines like Google. Don’t forget, a submission doesn’t make certain a listing does not guarantee a good ranking. But to be able to get listed it’s important to submit your site to a search engine.
    Cost - $2,495.00

Top Website Placement

A.  Top Placement on Yahoo and/or Bing plus first page on their affiliate’s search engines
  1. What Top Website Placement does:
    • Places your Web Site in the sponsored links box on the first Page of Yahoo and/or Bing!
    • We propose placing you in the top 5 listings for your website on Yahoo and/or Bing,  on the first page and submit to its affiliated search engines (Excite, Dog Pile, AltaVista etc.) so whenever a user types in a relevant search term in any of the listed search sites they see your website in the sponsored link section. (Note: There is no guarantee what search engines are in the affiliates program and can change on a monthly basis.)
  2. How the Top Website Placement Program works

    • With the consultation of Web Services Etc, keyword phrases are selected.
    • When those keyword phrases are 'searched' your site will come up in the sponsored box on the first page of Yahoo and on the first Page (many times at the top) of the majority of the above listed (many times on ALL) engines.
    • You can select as many keyword phrases as you like allowing potential customers to find you on the engine(s) in a variety of ways.
    • Once the keyword phrases are selected it takes only two to three weeks for your Site to get this extraordinary ranking.
  3. What's the cost?
    • There is a one time set up fee, starting at $225.00, plus a monthly cost for the keyword phrases purchased.
    • The cost of individual keyword phrases varies greatly based upon popularity of the phrase, which can also be affected by the time of year. Actual dollar cost can be as low as $60.00/phrase up to thousands of dollars per phrase. Hence the reason for consultation time with Web Services Etc.
    • The cost of your keyword phrase selection is locked in for one year (exceptions may occur.)
  4. What else?
    • You can add or delete keyword phrases at any time.
    • You can cancel the program at any time.
    • Set up time is 3 to 5 business days.
B.  Top Placement on Google And Their Affiliates
  1. First page placement on Google - in the sponsor's section at the top, right side or bottom of the page.  On the first page of Google's affiliate search engines (AOL, ask.com, Earthlink, newyorktimes.com to name a few.)
  2. At present, you must first be a Yahoo/Affiliates client before Google will accept your phrases in their program.
  3. Set-up fee is only $100.00 more after the Yahoo/Affiliates Program set-up fee is incurred.
  4. Cost of key word phrases is based on the price you are paying for your keywords on Yahoo. For example, if you are paying $125.00 per month on Yahoo, your cost to be placed on Google and its affiliates is $250.00 per month. Note: This price structure may change.
  5. You can cancel the program at any time.
  6. Set up time is 3 to 5 business days.

Web Directory Submissions

    • Your Site Manually Linked and Submitted into Thousands of Web Directories
    • All Directories are High Quality & Search Engine Friendly
    • Careful Category Selection
    • Modified Text per Directory
    • Gradual Submission Process Ensures Natural Link Growth
    • Hundreds/Thousands of Permanent Links Pointing to Your Site
    • Improves the overall VALUE of your web site


      • 215 Directories - Submitted Manually one at a time to create PERMANENT Website Links $344.00
      • 455 Directories - Submitted Manually one at a time to create PERMANENT Website Links $493.00
      • 525 Directories - Submitted 65 submissions done every 15 days till completed to create PERMANENT Website Links $685.00
      • 555 Directories - Submitted 110 submissions done every month till completed to create PERMANENT Website Links $654.00

    Web Directory Linking

    • Guaranteed Permanent Links from over 600+ Directories - $1137.00
    • Guaranteed 50 Permanent Links from well regarded “Authority” Web Site Directories pointing directly to your web site - $919.00

Buy Targeted Web Site Traffic

How this service works: QUALITY USA Targeted 24 Hour Unique Traffic…

  • We have our own extensive network of web sites and domain names, as well as have many established relationships with other popular, high traffic web sites and valuable web site domain properties.
  • We have classified all of our web sites and domain names into over 150+ available targeted categories and subject matters that you can choose! Try one category or mix and match two or three different categories, it is your choice! You will be able to select your targeted traffic categories after ordering.
  • Your Ad Campaign you will get all UNIQUE 24 Hour USA Visitors arriving direct to your site! In other words any duplicate visitors that arrive to your site within a 24 hour period will not get counted toward your total traffic!
  • All of our redirected targeted USA traffic comes from REAL PEOPLE & REAL VISITORS that are highly motivated and interested in your particular subject matter! This is why our service gets such great results and many people choose to use or service over and over again!
Targeted Categories

 We send you immediate targeted website visitors from Targeted Redirected Traffic Categories. The type of service that is best for you will be determined by your online goals and overall business model. Please select the corresponding subject fields that apply to your website. This page will give you greater clarification for the in-depth targeting that is available within our network. These categories are all highly targeted to give your ad campaigns superior sales results!

Over 150+ Available Targeted Redirected Traffic Categories
Advertising Media
All Categories
Auto Rental
Candy and Confectionery
Children Products
Clocks and Watches
Computer Advice
Computer Memory
Computer Peripherals
Computer Programming
Computer Related
Computer Software
Computer Virus
Consumer Electronics
Cosmetics and Perfume
Costumes and Uniforms
Crafts and Craft Making
Credit Cards
Debt Consolidation
Domain Names
Exhibitions and Conventions
Eye Care
Fashion for Men
Fashion for Women
Food and Beverage
Free Stuff
Friends and People
Games for Consoles
Games for PC
Health For Men
Health For Women
High Tech
Home Business
Home Electronics
Home Furnishings
Home Improvement
Horoscopes and Astrology
Humor and Fun
Income Opportunities
Insurance and Banking
Internet Services
Jobs and Career Counselling
Kids Activities
Law and Law Enforcement
Liquor and Alcohol
Marketing for Internet
Marketing non-Internet
Match Making/Dating
Money Making
Movies and Films
Musical Instruments
Nature and Animals
Office Supplies
Personal Advice
Personal Computers
Personal Homepage
Pest Control
Printers and Supplies
Property (Commercial)
Property (Residential)
Real Estate and Mortgage
Safety and Security
Seniors and Retirement
Shoes and Foot Products
Smoking and Tobacco Products
Tea and Coffee
Telephones and Service
Television and Satellite TV
Top Web Sites
Travel and Tourism
Web Design
Web Hosting
Web Resources
More categories are available.  Please contact us for a list.


  • Month-to-Month 10,000 Targeted USA Redirected Web Visitors - $344.00/month
  • 3 Month Agreement 15,000 Targeted* - $297.00/month (a 3 month saving of $141.00)
  • Month-to-Month 25,000 Targeted USA Redirected Web Visitors - $747.00/month
  • 3 Month Agreement 40,000 Targeted* - $688.00/month (a 3 month saving of $177.00)
  • Month-to-Month 50,000 Targeted USA Redirected Web Visitors - $1378.00
  • 3 Month Agreement 80,000 Targeted* - $1263.00/month (a 3 month saving of $345.00)

 *With 3 month agreement please allow 3 to 5 business days for programming after completed order

Social Media Marketing And Advertising

Advertise on Twitter®
  • Choose to Advertise to 425,000 people on Twitter® AND/OR reach 1 million users on Facebook®
  • Tweet Ads Reach over 425,000 Twitter® Followers on Various Twitter Accounts
  • Facebook Posting Ads Reach approximately 1 MILLION Users on Facebook®
  • Use These Services to Tap into a Whole New Customer Base for Your Business
  • Get Instant Credibility and New Customers for Your Business Right Now!
  • Build Social “Buzz” for Your Products & Services … Grow Your SALES Exponentially!
  • Get Enhanced Visibility for All Your Products & Services in the Social Community
  • Broaden Your Company Image & Build Brand Awareness
  • Increased your Web Site Exposure & Get More Targeted Traffic
  • 2 URLs & Tweet Ads Sent per month Distribution of TWO of your "Tweet Advertisements" reach OVER 425,000 Twitter® followers for each ad   $344.00
  • 4 URLs & Tweet Ads Sent per month Distribution of Four of your "Tweet Advertisements" reach OVER 425,000 Twitter® followers for each ad   $620.00
  • 6 URLs & Tweet Ads Sent per month Distribution of Six of your "Tweet Advertisements" reach OVER 425,000 Twitter® followers for each ad   $918.00
  • 8 URLs & Tweet Ads Sent per month Distribution of Eight of your "Tweet Advertisements" reach OVER 425,000 Twitter® followers for each ad   $1126.00

Social Advertising on Facebook®

Your Ad and Link Posted on Facebook®. Your custom ad message and link is posted on various Facebook® Fan pages that total approximately one million facebook® fans!
(Limit of 200 characters including your link.)                             $229.00

Twitter® “Follower” Packages

What is this service and why is it important?

Web Services Etc's Twitter® Follower Building Service is a simple guaranteed web service that helps connect businesses and personal brands successfully with the right audience at the right time. Businesses and organizations, both online and offline, are now able to stay connected to their customers instantly. Twitter® is used to quickly share bits of information with people interested in your company, gather real-time market intelligence and feedback, and build direct relationships with customers, partners and other people who care about your business.

Why Should I Grow my Twitter® Followers with WSE?

Web Services Etc can help attract thousands of new high quality followers to your Twitter® account that you can keep informed about any of your product and/or service offerings instantly. By bringing you a targeted crowd of buyers, all you need to do is give them an offer they can’t refuse! Branding is also another successful and important marketing factor that Twitter® can provide for your business. As you get Twitter® followers to your page, this direct contact helps to build trust in your company. Twitter® followers are more likely to buy from you rather than from a competitor because they have been following your brand daily and you have become a familiar brand they are more likely to trust.

100% Real People: We can add thousands of real, active Twitter® followers to your Twitter® account. Tap into the 175 million+ Twitter® users and increase your brand awareness! There’s never been a better way to get your product in front of so many people. Get Twitter® Followers now!

Steady Growth: We manually add Twitter® followers to your account gradually over time. This helps your Twitter® account grow naturally, and does not look like you purchased Twitter® followers.

Guaranteed Followers: Web Services Etc delivers guaranteed followers! Most other websites sell “Invites” only. Our service gives you actual followers that become part of your Twitter® network. It’s 100% guaranteed to get you the number of followers you need or your money back! When ordering, we don’t need your user name and/or password login either! Just give us your Twitter® URL.

Increase Your Revenues! Social platforms are an ideal venue to improve your company’s brand awareness and pitch ads to a listening audience. Working with us is a first step to better fortunes. Get a wider audience, better sales & more profits. It’s worked for many others, and there’s no reason why it shouldn'tt work for you.


  • 1,000 Followers Delivered in 3 – 7 days $207.00
  • 2,500 Followers Delivered in 7 – 14 Days $378.00
  • 5,000 Followers Delivered in 14 – 21 Days $746.00
  • 10,000 Followers Delivered in 21 – 35 Days $1367.00  
Because of the nature of the Web and marketing in general, there is no ONE sure method to drive traffic and potential customers to your Web Site. That is why Web Services Etc offers an array of services and consultation with each client to increase traffic to their site based on their budget.